Happy Thoughts for Summer
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Gram's Girls - Happy Thoughts

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Happy Thoughts for Summer was created with the goal of starting each day with a smile. Every morning your friend or loved one opens the box and chooses a happy thought. Whether at sleep away camp, traveling the world, or at home making summer memories, Happy Thoughts are sure to brighten each day.

Happy Thoughts for Summer Includes:

Happy Thoughts for all ages and many occasions:

Gram's Girls Story:

Our mother, a.k.a. Gram, created a box of happy thoughts. She gave each of us our own box to brighten every day and help us remember that the little things in life can cheer us up.

We thought we’d share these treasures with you...allowing you to send love, good wishes, and smiles to those you love, while they enjoy their summer experience.

Hilary and Pam, a.k.a. Gram’s Girls

Happy Thoughts to make you smile... it's like a hug that lasts a while!

Homemade, with love by Gram's Girls